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Ring in the New Year’s with these Party Ideas

Ring in the New Year’s with these Party Ideas

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! New Year's  Party

Who doesn’t look forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve? There is nothing like getting together with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of another year full of new opportunities, new goals and new adventures! We’ve collected some cool party ideas for the end of the year in case you are planning to throw a party:


Set up a champagne bar

Champagne is a classic for a New Year’s celebration. To make it more cool for your guests, you can set a Champagne bar with not only the bottles for self-serve but also with bowls of different garnishes like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries or peppermint leaves. We guarantee your guests will have a lot of fun creating their own cocktail.

You can also get some bottles of cranberry or orange juice for those who like to mix their drinks to get a fruity flavor.


Get some New Years Props!

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! New Year's Party

There isn’t a New Year’s celebration without Props! There are so many options: party hats, glitter tiaras, beads, party poppers, horns and squawkers.


PS: If you are going to the store to buy some props, try to get the ones that do not have a specific year, so you can reuse them on another New Year’s party instead of throwing them away.

Have appetizers for your guests

Having appetizers is a must if you are planning a party! Consider having different options, because not everyone likes the same things. You can include crackers, cheese, hummus, and some fruits. 

Appetizers will look much better if you take some time to decorate them. This hummus and crackers looks delicious and super cute with the ribbon decoration.


Hang a resolutions board 

This is a great idea for those that didn’t have time to write their resolutions for the next year! You can either hang a board to encourage people to write at least one resolution, or have some posts it's so everyone can write them down and keep it to remember it.

Use disposable silverware cutlery & plates

As we always recommend, if you have many guests buy plastic cutlery! This disposable set looks super classy and comes with 90 pieces, so you can have enough for everyone. The best part? You can wash and reuse them later for another celebration!