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Plastic Silverware I PARTY IDEAS I Inspiration for dazzling

Plastic Silverware I PARTY IDEAS I Inspiration for dazzling


Plastic Silverware and Inspiration for dazzling a Gold Party Without Breaking the Bank

Plastic silverware and a dazzling gold party. How do we do that and who doesn't like to throw a nice (and affordable) party? No matter what type of celebration you are planning, whether is a birthday party, bachelors or even a wedding, you can always go for Gold decorations! They look great, sophisticated and can be combined with other colors as well!

Here are some of the creative ideas for that dazzling gold theme party, you could use without breaking the bank!

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Essentials: Plastic Silverware

The first thing you have to choose is the party essentials such as plastic silverware forks, cutlery, plates, glasses, and napkins. Otherwise, how will your guests eat or drink? One could purchase plastic silverware packets that come with spoons, forks, and knives, so you don't need to buy them separately. And with gold plastic silverware, your party will look elegant and sophisticated. With a pretty packaging, you could even gift a gold plastic silverware set as a door gift which can be purchased here: gold plastic silverware amazon. With great conversations, lovely company and a pretty gift for your guests to bring home, it will be a party for many to remember fondly!

Plastic Silverware

And of course, plastic plates are also important! You can either buy the ones that are all gold, or choose some like these that combine gold and white. Super cute!

Glam up the party with plastic utensils

One last thing: don’t forget the straws! These are great, and can be put in a jar as part of the decoration too.



Fun Decorations

Decorating is our favorite part of planning a party! You can hang letter balloons around the walls or the table where you are planning on putting the food or cake.

Regular balloons look great as well! Combine them with other colors like white or add some with sparkles to give it a nice touch!

You can also decorate your table with some confetti! Spread it through the tables or pour some inside the balloons.

A centerpiece is always a good idea! This gold pineapple container is fantastic. You can place is closed or open with some candies, straws, or anything you want.

For more table decorations, add paper hats, small cardboard signs with the food you are sharing or gold candles around the cake.


Final Touches

Everyone loves selfies these days! Include a selfie booth section where your guests can take pictures with funny phrases such as “ Who invited this guy?” or “ I am here for the food!” These are super easy to make with just some cardboard and a glitter pen.

If you have a high ceiling you can hang this gold fringe backdrop right behind the table where you are going to put the food and drinks.