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Style Wkends- Party Ideas!

Plastic Silverware and 5 Essentials to Plan a Baby Shower

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! Baby Shower

Plastic Silverware and 5 essentials to keep in mind to a Baby Shower! A new baby is definitely a blessing, a gift from heaven, a precious little angel to cherish and to love. Is someone who will come to your life to make it better and that deserves a celebration!


1. Plastic Silverware: Glam up the party!

At every party and baby shower, there will definitely be food our guests. Heavy duty and well colored plastic silverware will definitely glam up your party. With every friend and family who will be enjoying the food you have thoughtfully put together, delicious cookies and cupcakes at you party, it will be used by every single guest. Your small investment for good quality and heavy disposable plastic silverware will be the "icing on the cake"! Choose a set of forks, knives and forks doesn’t even look like they are made out of plastic- shop: gold plastic silverware amazon.

 Plastic Silverware

2. Dessert Table

Everyone enjoys delicious cookies and cupcakes in every party! Find a table and put all these sweets in one place so your guests can satisfy their sweet cravings. 

You can also decorate them depending on the gender of your baby. If it’s a boy include blue decorations and toppings and if it’s a girl add some pink!


3. Name Signs

If you already know the gender of your baby and would like to include her or his name in some decorations you can definitely do that! Make stickers with the name and add it to bottles of water or snacks.

Don’t have the name of your baby yet? That’s fine! You can also decorate your house with signs with the gender of the baby. To make it more fun, you can play games with your guests to find the perfect name, so they get more involved in your party.

4. Flowers 

Flowers give it such a nice touch of color to every party! You can use them as center pieces, or simply place them around your house as a decoration. Combine different types of flowers to come up with beautiful arrangements.

These pink flowers look wonderful next to the food and sweets!


5. Guest Gifts


For some people, giving guests a small gift bag as a nice gesture for attending the party is a must. It doesn’t have to be something big! It can simply be a cute box filled with chocolate or almonds and a thank you note with the date and the name of your baby. These chocolates look so good, and they are super cute and simple! You can also include candles, soaps, or lotions.