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Style Wkends- Party Ideas!

Plan an Engagement Party your Guests Will Absolutely Love

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! Engagement Party

Nothing more fun than celebrating that you are going to marry the love of your life! You have the man, the ring, your family around, and what else is missing? THE PARTY!

If you want to plan a party that will leave your guests talking about it, you can follow some of this nice ideas:

Pick a theme

You can never go wrong with a classic engagement party, but if you want to make it more fun, you can add a theme. Here are our top-three theme options:

Pool Party

Everyone loves a pool party! If you don’t have a pool, ask a friend or family member if you’d be able to throw the party at their home. What’s great about pool parties is that they are super simple, you can include some tropical drinks and snacks and everyone will have fun!


Brunch with friends and mimosas is never a bad idea! If you want something more intimate with your close friends and family members you can host a brunch at your place or go to a nice restaurant.


Dessert Party

If you have a sweet tooth, this type of theme party is perfect for you! You can add classy decorations, some teas and infusions, cupcakes and other delicious desserts for your guests. Like some people say, a party without sweets or cake is a meeting!


Go for decorations

You can go crazy with fun decorations for your guests, like these team bride, team groom signs. Or even get some bride-to-be items like these awesome cardboard glasses. These are perfect for taking pictures with your guests, and making some fun memories.


Glam up the party with disposable silverware cutlery & plates

Let your creative side run wild when creating a memorable glamorous table setting for the party- with disposable silverware plates, cutlery and unique centerpieces!

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! Engagement Party

Food and dessert

Every party needs a food table with some cheese and crackers or even some sweet treats! Add different options to satisfy all your guests.


Cocktail Bar

Pop up that bottle of champagne to celebrate the big announcement! Adding a cocktail bar for your guest is a great idea, so they can get whatever they want to drink. You can include some options like Mimosas, Sangrias or Mojitos if it's a party or some wine and Prosecco if it's at night.


Make it memorable


Nothing motivates more people than dancing and singing! That’s why having a karaoke at your party is a great idea. We guarantee your guests will be fighting for the microphone to sing their favorite hits!



Fun games

Games also keep people entertained. What about having some fun questions about your relationship with your future husband? Like: when did you guys meet, or where was the first date. The winner can get a small price or a bottle of wine! That will keep people motivated to participate and have a good time.


The most important thing is: have fun! You are celebrating love and creating memories with your family, friends, and of course, the love of your life. Make it a day to remember!