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Style Wkends- Party Ideas!

Easy DIY Ideas for Your Next Outdoor Party

Style Wkends- Party Ideas! Outdoor Party

Summer is here and we cannot be any more excited to enjoy the sunny weather with outdoor plans such as barbecues, picnics or pool parties! If you are down to plan a party and celebrate the nice weather with your friends and family, here are some easy DIY ideas you could use:


Use easy-to-grab-utensils

Glam up the party with disposable silverware cutlery & plates

Style Wkends- Party Ideas!

Instead of offering silverware to all your guests, buy disposable cutlery instead! You can wrap the cutlery in a napkin and tie it with a pretty ribbon it you want to be creative.

Party Seatings

Seating can be expensive, so if your party is in a garden you can put cushions or blankets for guests to sit down. This looks super cute as a relaxed and welcoming alternative! 


Flower Decorations

Do you have any old light bulbs o jars that you don’t use anymore? Convert them into cute flower decorations! These hanging flowers are stunning, your guests will definitely copy this idea.

Tired of collecting mayo jars and not using them? We got you a great idea to get rid of them. Put some flowers inside, add ribbons, stickers, or whatever you have in your house to decorate it.



Putting the flowers in a cute mug is also a great idea! Especially If you are planning on putting small flowers such as roses. 


Sweet Treats

Nothing like a refreshing homemade Popsicle on a sunny day. They are super fast and easy to make, and are healthier than store-bought frozen treats. Kids love these! 

Planning to offer some sweets treats for your guests? Include cupcakes  and decorate them with paper figures, frosting or fruits to make them look cuter. You can also put plain cupcakes and let your guests decorate theirs in their own way.


Refreshing drinks


Refreshing or tropical drinks are perfect for outdoor parties! They don’t necessarily need to include alcohol, you can offer your guests: Lemonade, Virgin Mojitos, Rainbow Coconut Water Spritzers or Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Mocktail. The options are endless!