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6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

When you are busy with work, studies or even kids it gets difficult to stay organized. Most of the time you get home too tired to cook or clean and you procrastinate certain tasks. To prevent this from happening, we found some tips you could use to stay organized all the time and keep your tasks up to date:

Keep an agenda

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

An agenda or planner is definitely a must if you want to start being more organized. Using an agenda allows you to schedule events, doctors' appointments, errands, and tasks. It also helps you to remember everything you have to do. You can buy a small one and keep it in your bag all the time so you don't forget anything!

Use sticky notes for reminders

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

Sticky notes are super helpful! They can help you brainstorm your ideas, set reminders for certain events or appointment and visualize your to do list. Stick them in a place where you will never forget them like in the refrigerator or next to your computer.

Prepare your meals a week ahead

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

Meal prep is the best idea if you want to save time through the week. Pick a day of the weekend like Saturday or Sunday and plan all your meals so you don’t have to cook daily. This not only saves you time but also money.

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

If you plan your meals ahead, you can also make sure you are eating healthy. To start, write in your calendar what you would like to eat every day of the week. Plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners so next time you go grocery shopping you’ll know exactly what to buy.

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

Planning your snacks is also a good idea. You can buy biscuits, fruits or nuts and put them into plastic bags. Make sure you reuse this bags later to contribute to the environment!

Freeze veggies and fruits

6 Tips to Keep your Life Organized

Don’t waste food. If you have things in the fridge that may get rotten put them in the fridge so they can last longer. A great idea is to cut the veggies and freeze them so you don’t have to cut them every time you want to cook something. That will save you time!

Set a cleaning day once a week

We already know we should clean every single day, but, luckily, there are a few things in the home that requires a little less frequent TLC. Here are the items which we could tackle all in one day:
- Laundry
- Kitchen Appliances
- Dust- Covered Furniture
- Carpet and Rugs
- Your Tub and Shower
- Bathroom Surfaces
- Your Toilet

Use storage baskets to get organized

These baskets are great to organize all kinds of stuff, from dirty clothes to towels, toys, magazines, blankets and more. Buy a few for your home and whenever your it feels like your living room or your bedroom is a chaos, just sort your stuff in these baskets and everything will look neat again!

6 Tips to Keep Your Life Organized